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Chinese Herbs to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-03-06 09:47

Maybe a large number of people with Chronic Kidney Disease are interested in Chinese herbs. Today, you can get a clear understanding from the following article.

Chinese Herbs to Treat Chronic Kidney DiseaseThe meaning of chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD), is kidney damage and progressive deterioration caused by various diseases.

Chronic kidney disease is a relatively long developing process.When this disease develops into the End-Stage Renal Disease, the renal function is close to 10%~15%, a series of clinical syndromes may appear gradually.

Is chronic kidney disease severe?

Generally speaking, in the early stage, it’s not serious and patients do not have to do treatment. But if the chronic kidney disease develops into stage 4, it shows you renal function has been injured. In the stage 5, which is the final stage in chronic kidney disease, we call it uremia. In this stage, doctors may advise you to do dialysis or kidney transplant.

Chinese herbs of treating chronic kidney disease

In many other countries, people mainly adopt the dialysis. This therapy can purify the blood and remove the toxins from the body quickly. Meanwhile, some nutritions and blood will be lost during the dialysis.

Therefore, many people may appear headache, dizziness, vomiting, weakness and poor appetite. And you may suffer from anemia. What’s worse, due to the long-term dialysis, the kidney function will be lost and can not work anymore.

To be honest, dialysis is not the only way to treat chronic kidney disease.

Chinese herbs may help you get rid of dialysis. Chinese herbs are used in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy combines Chinese herbal medicine with osmosis device to treat disease.

With the help of osmosis device, the active ingredient can permeate into the kidney to achieve the goal of repairing the damaged intrinsic cells and renal function and rebuilding the structure of kidney.

After a period of treatment, the renal function can get a great improvement. So it is possible for patients to keep away from the disease and regain health adopting Chinese herbs.

In a word, an effective treatment for treating chronic kidney disease is the key to live a healthy life.

Best wishes!

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