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Is There a Way to Restore Kidney Function 15%

2014-04-07 07:53

Is There a Way to Restore Kidney Function 15%

For renal function 15%, if you don’t adopt an effective treatment, your illness condition will be worsening. Finally, your kidney will lose its’ function and it will develop into end stage renal disease (ESRD). Is there a way to restore kidney function 15%?

To restore the renal function 15%, a medical treatment is vital. Which therapy can restore renal function effectively? The answer is micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy. About the function and use of this therapy, please read on.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for improve renal function 15%

This is a natural therapy which is based on Chinese herbal medicine but used externally. The active ingredient can be released fully through the help of osmosis device. Under the influence of a series of physical reactions, the medicinal composition can act on the patients’ injured renal area through the contact of skin. This therapy requires patients to lie in the bed where putting two bags filled with Chinese herbal medicine. Patients say that this treatment just like a massage, especially comfortable. Also, patients may have some comfortable feelings like warmness, sweatiness and good mood.

The function of micro-Chinese medicine osmotheraoy includes repairing injured kidney tissues, removing toxins and metabolite, purifying blood, rebuilding the inherent structure, promoting DNA replication and improving renal function from the root.

Through the treatment, patients can feel the obvious effects. Their condition can become better. After treatment, our careful nurse will help you wipe out the sweat in your back to avoid catching colds. After that, you can get out of bed freely without any pains or discomforts.

Up to now. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy has brought new hope and dawn for many patients. Therefore, the target of restoring renal function 15% and treating renal disease can be easily achieved as long as you can cooperate with the doctor's treatment.

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