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Cordyceps for Lowering Creatinine Levels

2014-08-17 01:18

Cordyceps for Lowering Creatinine LevelsTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been more and more popular around the world. Cordyceps, or cordyceps sinensis is known as a one of the most precious herbs in China because of its significant curative effects on various diseases. Is cordyceps good for lowering creatinine levels?

According to many researches and clinic practices, cordyceps indeed can help reduce high creatinine level for kidney disease patients. Yet, it works on lowering creatinine level indirectly and you cannot simply depend on this herb to manage your condition. A comprehensive treatment is the key. For that purpose you can consult our doctors online or email to

Now, let’s see the effects of cordyceps on kidney disease and see whether it can lower creatinine or not.

1. Boost immunity

It can promote the synthesis of albumin in the liver so as to improve your immune ability. This can reduce the risk of various infections that may occur in the kidneys.

2. Improve anemia

Cordyceps contains many trace elements and rice level of iron, which are beneficial for the kidneys to produce more erythropoietin, thus improving anemia.

3. Eliminate waste and toxins

Damaged kidneys fail to filter excessive wastes and toxins, leading to a high level of creatinine and urea nitrogen in the blood. Cordyceps can eliminate the immune complexes on the glomerular filtration membrane so as to increase the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). As a result, excessive creatinine and urea nitrogen in the blood can be filtered efficiently.

Apart from the above benefits, cordyceps can also help lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of complications caused by high potassium in the blood. You should take it under your doctor’s guidance based on your own condition.

What’s more, only cordyceps cannot solve your problem. The root cause of high creatinine level is the damaged kidneys. Therefore, a synthetical treatment to repair the damaged renal intrinsic cells is what you need.

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