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Cordyceps Sinensis

2013-04-17 11:56

Cordyceps sinensisCordyceps sinensis is one of the precious Chinese herbs with lots of medical effects and also it is famous for its unique way of reproducing. It develops inside insect larvae, killing and mummifying the remains before popping out of the ground as a fruiting body. Although cordyceps sinensis has a mass of health benefits, it is unknown for western countries before.

Cordyceps sinensis is widely used to deal with various rare illness condition in clinic, owing to its medical effects of adjusting immune system, anti-tumor and anti-fatigue. In clinic, cordyceps sinensis can be used to treat various diseases like liver disease, kidney disease, digestive problems, depression, cancer, diabetes, cough, bronchitis, sexual problems, jaundice and bronchial asthma and so on.

Also, medical analysis shows cordyceps sinensis contains cordycepic acid, saccharides, vitamin B12, fat and protein, which lay firm foundation for its role in both traditional and modern medicine.



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