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Nettle Tea and High Creatinine Level

2013-06-13 14:41

Nettle Tea and High Creatinine LevelThe leaf and root of nettle is usually made into a tea and drunk for a variety of health-enhancing purpose. One big benefit of nettle tea for kidney disease patients is to eliminating wastes like creatinine from the body so as to lower high creatinine level.

Kidney and creatinine level

Normally, creatinine, uric acid, blood urea nitrogen, and many other metabolic wastes are eliminates from the body via kidney, so creatinine level usually changes in a range (0.5-1.2mg/dl).

In case of kidney dysfunction, kidneys can’t excrete enough water to get rid of toxins and metabolic wastes so that creatinine level rises higher easily. In this situation, some natural remedies that can improve kidney function is needed urgently.

Nettle tea and high creatinine level

Consulting a senior nephrologist, people with high creatinine level may be suggested to drink one or two cups of nettle tea. Stimulating the kidneys to excrete more water, nettle tea is able to help the body remove more toxins and metabolic wastes from the body and serves as a valuable blood purifier. Therefore, nettle tea is considered as one great natural remedy to lower high creatinine level.

Another advantage of nettle tea is that it helps the body to expel increased and unnecessary amounts of uric acid and bacteria from the body, which in turn limits the incidence of urinary tract infections and lowers high uric acid.

Even though nettle tea has so many benefits for people with kidney disease, please remember that not all kidney disease patients can consume it. If you are on blood-thinning or high blood pressure medications or you have hyperkalemia, choose some other herbal teas as your drink.

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