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Can Artichoke Leaf Help Treat Kidney Disease

2013-06-25 16:27

Can Artichoke Leaf Help Treat Kidney DiseaseAs one of oldest natural herbs, artichoke leaf is widely used alone or in association with other herbs in kidney disease treatment. It usually plays its role from two aspects.

Firstly, artichoke leaf is able to ease kidney disease patients’ symptoms.

For people with kidney disease such as end-stage CKD and kidney failure, they are more likely to present less urine, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, high cholesterol, etc, most of them try to find some natural remedies to ease their discomforts. Artichoke leaf may be their case, because it has such an effect.

It is reported that diabetes has become the leading cause of kidney disease at present. If one person’s kidney disorder is due to high blood sugar or diabetes, he can use some artichoke leaf or drink one cup of artichoke tea one daily to keep their blood sugar change in normal range.

In Polycystic Kidney Disease or kidney cyst, high blood pressure is a common complaint of many patients and it may be a sign of kidney damage. Artichoke leaf is proven to be effective in lowering high blood pressure. Even though only depending this herb may not work as you expect, I promise you do get some relief from consuming it.

In addition, many of the flavonoids in artichoke lear provide antioxidant protection. Along with other herbs, fruits and berries, it can help prevent infections and inflammations better.

Secondly, artichoke leaf shows a big effect on strengthening kidney function.

The decline of kidney function is the common problem of all kidney disease patients. The biologically active ingredients are able to enhance patients’ kidney function. What’s more, it can also protect the liver against toxins, so it is good for patients’ overall health.

Although artichoke leaf has so many pesticide effects for people with various kidney disease, not all kidney disease patients are suitable to use it. To guarantee you can get biggest benefits from this herb, you are recommended to consult doctor before taking it.

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