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Lovage and Kidney Disease

2013-06-29 17:43

Lovage and Kidney DiseaseThe root and underground stem of lovage are used to make medicines for various diseases. Well then, can lovage help treat kidney disease?


It belongs to the parsley family, and its roots are about 6 inches long and carrot shaped. People who are familiar with herbs must know that lovage has many healthy benefits.

The well-known benefit of lovage is to work as diuretic so as to increase the flow of urine, when urinary tract infections or fluid retention is present. In addition, it can also help ease pain and swelling of the lower urinary tract, and prevent kidney stone.

Other health benefits of lovage are treating ingestion, heartburn, intestinal gas, irregular menstrual periods, sore throat boils, gout, joint pain, etc.

Lovage and kidney disease

From the above analysis, it seems that patients with kidney disease can get great benefits from lovage, because most of them are suffering from some symptoms such as joint pain, urinary tract infections, gout and fluid retention. Is this statement right?

The answer may disappoint you. Although lovage has so many healthy benefits, it is not suitable for all kidney disease patients.

We know our kidneys are responsible for eliminating waste products from the body, helping keep blood pressure, secreting some hormone and maintaining the electrolyte balance. However, once kidneys are damaged, they can’t do their job normally. As a result, more and more wastes and toxins build up in the body and the balanced internal environment is disturbed.

In this condition, patients are usually recommended to develop a low-salt diet. However, excessive intake of lovage might increase the amount of sodium in the body, which is more likely to cause high blood pressure and worsen patients’ condition.

In view of this, if you want to consume some lovage to ease your discomfort but you have kidney disease, you had better consult the doctor firstly before using it.

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