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Can I Drink Parsley Tea for Kidney Cyst

2013-08-22 17:01

Can I Drink Parsley Tea for Kidney CystCan I drink parsley tea for kidney cyst? Parsley can be used as condiment or boiled and steeped to make refreshing herbal tea. Because of its great benefits, parsley tea has been loved by many people, as well as kidney cyst patients.

General dietary tips for kidney cyst

Normally, small kidney cysts won’t cause any symptom or discomfort. However, as with other kidney diseases, people with kidney cysts are recommended to develop a low-protein and low-sodium diet plan. Besides, some foods or drinks that can boost patients’ immunity or help cleanse their internal environment and have other healthy benefits are also good for these patients.

Can they drink parsley tea for kidney cyst?

The answer is depended on the nutritions of parsley tea and patients’ individual condition. Generally speaking, if they are admitted to consume this kind of herbal tea, they can get the following benefits:

1. Anti-inflammatory effects

Parsley tea contains rich antioxidants such as flavonoid and vitamin C. Vitamin C can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, colon cancer and athrosclerosis. Aside from this, foods rich in antioxidants can help boost patients’ immunity so that fight against inflammatory reactions and kidney cyst infections.

2. The increase of urine output

Parsley tea includes some diuretic ingredients that can help increase patient’s urine output. This benefit can not only ease fluid and sodium retention but also remove waste products and toxins from the body. Therefore, it provides a clean internal environment for kidney disease patients.

3. Low high blood pressure

Because kidney cyst usually happens to people above age 50, these patients are usually at a high risk for high blood pressure. Parsley tea is effective on extending blood vessels, resulting in the decline of blood pressure.

In most cases, parsley tea is a good drink for kidney cyst patients, but they should pay attention to the amount. However, in some cases, people with kidney cysts should avoid parsley tea if their potassium level is higher than the normal or they can’t urinate normally.

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