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The application of Chinese herbs has become a breakthrough in the filed of PKD treatment. Through shrinking cysts and enhancing kidney function, dialysis and kidney transplant are not the only choices any more. > Treatment Options > Enema Therapy

Enema Therapy

Enema Therapy

What's the enema therapy?

Clinical research shows that enema therapy is one of the effective treatments for chronic kidney disease (CKD). This therapy is equivalent to the western colon dialysis.

Enema therapy is also called the rectal administration method. It is the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine. On the basis of traditional rectal administration methods, this therapy combines modern technology with traditional Chinese medicine to develope a kind of unique therapy for treating renal diseases.

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What's the effective functions of enema therapy?

On one hand, this therapy can stimulate the intestinal mucosa and increase the permeability of capillaries, and promote the metabolism of nitrogen flow out the body with intestinal secretions. On the other hand, enema therapy can accelerate food scraps discharge and inhibit the growth of intestinal bacteria also can slow the process of chronic kidney failure.

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The operative medicine in enema therapy

Enema therapy is composed by raw rhubarb, dandelion, raw oysters, gun aconite root, rhizoma and costus root.

Raw rhubarb has the function of promoting the excretion of intestinal nitrogen and inhibiting the glomerular sclerosis. Dandelion can fight against the bacteria and eliminate the inflammation. Also it can decrease the toxins in the intestinal tract and prevent intestinal bacteria breeding.

Raw oysters can help you to relieve nerves, strengthen the immunity and increase the osmotic pressure of irrigation intestinal juice, which is beneficial to the surrounding tissues.

Gun aconite root has the effects of extending the blood vessels, increase the renal blood flow and promote diuresis.

Rhizoma can promote blood circulation to remove bloods and enhance permeability of intestinal wall capillary.

Costus root can accelerate the movement of intestinal tract and enhance detoxification role.

All of the above herbal medicine can promote the blood circulation and relieve the damage of nephron to improve the renal function and then remit the clinical symptoms.

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Which disease can be treated adopting this therapy?

Chronic renal insufficiency and other renal diseases.

Acute phase of stroke (phlegm heat relieving excess syndrome)

All kinds of hepatitis and jaundice.

Chronic colitis. Including Some infectious colitis, ulcerative

colitis and mild disease.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and pelvic congestion syndrome.

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