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Is Food Containing Potassium Bad for Renal Cyst Patients

2014-04-10 06:08

One of my friend has renal cyst. The doctor said that he can’t eat the food containing potassium. But the daily food contains much of potassium. Therefore, I would like to know: Is food containing potassium bad for renal cyst patients?

Answer :

Is Food Containing Potassium Bad for Renal Cyst PatientsThe best experts’ answer:

If the renal cyst patients has swelling or high potassium, they can not eat the foods high in potassium. The declined kidney function can not excrete the potassium timely, so consuming too much potassium can cause a heavy damage on your kidney and life. Therefore, your potassium intake should be lowered 1500~2000 mg per day.

The daily vegetables which are rich in high potassium include yellow bean sprouts, spiced cabbage, corn, spinach, potato, yam celery, lentils, tomato, towel gourd, balsam pear, etc. These foods should be limited in daily diet. Fruits including banana and orange contain high potassium. Therefore, you should keep low potassium diet if you have hyperkalemia.

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