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A 4.4cm Renal Cortical Cyst Occurs After Surgery

2014-12-21 01:39

I just find out that I have 4.4 cm cortical renal cyst in my right kidney after CT Scan was performed. What is bothering me is that less than year ago, surgeon removed 12.5 cm cyst from my right kidney and did not see the cortical cyst. Is i

Answer :

A 4.4cm Renal Cortical Cyst Occurs After SurgeryIt is very common that people see renal cysts again after surgery. In general, patients see the recurrence of kidney cyst after surgery within 6 months to 2 years. Therefore, it is possible that a cortical cyst to grow in less than one year. Now, what you should be concerned is what you can do to shrink kidney cyst naturally and prevent the recurrence.

Here, I would like give you several suggestions.

First of all, you should keep a diet low in sodium and protein. Sometime, you have to reduce the intake of potassium, phosphorous or even calcium. You can email to us at, enclosing your test report, or describing your illness condition, so that our doctors can give you proper suggestions for diet.

Secondly, you should avoid nephrotoxic medicines, including some painkillers, hypertensive drugs, antibiotics, etc. Long term or large dosage of medicines will cause further kidney damage.

Thirdly, you may as well use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is based on traditional Chinese herbs. It can not only shrink kidney cysts but also repair damaged renal tissues so as to prevent the recurrence of kidney cysts. We have almost 30 years of clinic practice in this field, so you can trust us, and we will do our best to help you. Any questions, please be free to contact us!

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