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The application of Chinese herbs has become a breakthrough in the filed of PKD treatment. Through shrinking cysts and enhancing kidney function, dialysis and kidney transplant are not the only choices any more. > Treatment Options > Hot Compress Therapy

Hot Compress Therapy

Hot Compress Therapy

The overview of hot compress therapy

Hot compress therapy is an effective treatment for chronic kidney disease. This therapy is the unique patent of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital after more than 20 years’ efforts of all the renal experts. It is the perfect combination of the western osmosis device and traditional Chinese medicine.

Smashing the herbal medicine and releasing its active ingredient are the core technology of this therapy. With the help of the osmosis devices, the effective substance can act on the kidney lesions by externally used.

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Method of application

After grinding, the prescribed medicines are packed into the bags and sprinkled some penetrating fluid. And then the two bags filled with herbal medicine are put under the patients’ lower back.

Under the action of osmosis equipment, the active ingredient can be released fully to permeate into the injured renal lesions. This treatment needs about 45 minutes per time. Also patients say it is very comfortable, just like a massage.

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Principle of treatment

Dilating blood vessels

The active ingredient can extend the blood vessels and promote the blood microcirculation, decrease the damage of blood tissues and relieve the ischemia and hypoxia of micro circulation system.


By lessening the nephritis and a large number of the inflammatory medium, this therapy can help you eliminate the inflammation, immune complex and toxins in the body.

Anti-coagulation, preventing thrombosis

The use of Chinese herbal medicine can help you to decrease the blood coagulation factor and then remove the blood stasis and promote the blood flow.


Some harmful substance can cause the hyperplasia and proliferation of the inherent renal extracellular matrix. While, herbal medicine can help you to solve this problem.

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The advantages of hot compress therapy

NO surgery and no oral medicine.(External usage)

Fewer side effects on the body.

Short time of treatment.

Safe and convenient.

Stable curative effects.

It’s difficult to relapse.

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The cost of treatment of Hot Compress Therapy

In general, different people have various illness conditions. Therefore, the cost will depend on your condition. Our kidney experts will select different and effective traditional Chinese medicine according to the individual illness. But the cost of renal diseases’ treatment is reasonable and affordable. Therefore, how much will you pay should be based on the patients’ condition and the types of medicine.

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