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6.4cm Exophytic Left Renal Cyst: Should I Be Worried

2015-02-03 11:47

6.4cm Exophytic Left Renal Cyst: Should I Be WorriedExactly what is an exophytic renal cyst? It is a cyst that grows from the inside-out region of kidneys. It is filled with fluid and can grow very large. If you have 6.4 cm exophytic left renal cyst, you should be worried.

Possible symptoms and complications

● Chronic and constant pain in the lower back, flank or abdomen

● Nausea or vomiting

● High blood pressure

● Blood in urine (hematuria): Pink, red or cola-colored urine

● Dizziness or headache

● Kidney damage. When that happens, you may see frequent urine, reduction of urine or urgent urination, especially at night.

● Urinary Tract Infection: It is more likely to occur in women. It can lead painful urination, fever and chills.


The real cyst treatment methods that can be taken should be based on the type of problems and patient’s own illness condition.


Tradition treatments for 6.4 cm exophytic renal cyst is surgery. It include:

● Aspiration: It shrink big kidney cyst by draining fluid out, and injecting pure alcohol to make sclerosis.

● Laparoscopic Decortication

This type of surgery is made to cut out the kidney cyst walls on kidney surface, to reduce the pressure caused by it.

Both the types of surgery can relieve symptoms effectively. However, they cannot solve the underlying problem. That’s why there is high chance of kidney cyst recurrence among patients who take surgery.

Natural remedies for exophytic renal cyst

I recommend you to take traditional Chinese herbs. Herbs we choose have the function of improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation and degrade extracellular matrixes. Therefore, the blood circulation of cystic walls can be improve, and then the fluid can be absorbed and discharged effectively.

In addition, Foot Bath, Acupuncture and Medicate Bath, etc, may be also need if necessary. If you are interested in them, please leave a message below.

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