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Can kidney cyst 1.2 x 0.7 cm get improved with natural treatment

2017-02-15 08:18

Can kidney cyst 1.2 x 0.7 cm get improved with natural treatmentKidney cyst is a structural disorder that makes cyst grow in the kidney. Different to polycystic kidney disease, it can get improved both with western treatment and natural treatment.

In the theory of western treatment, it is said that the kidney cyst will not cause damage to kidney unless 5cm in diameter. But sometimes, a little cyst can cause complications and damage to the kidney, such as back pain, protein urine, blood urine. And in natural treatment theory, they treat disease from the root causes, and when there is a symptom, the treatment will target the root causes and treat it immediately. Even though the natural treatment works slowly, but they are effective and will not cause side-effect and damage the body.

Is there a treatment for kidney cyst? Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital is specialised in kidney diseases and has achieved a lot and won a good reputation. The Hot Compress Therapy is a good therapy for patients. with some medical herbs boiled and packed in a bag, then a doctor will use it to compress the Bilateral Shenshu Accounts when the temperature is suitable for patients. This therapy can help patients dilate the blocked blood vessel, increase the urine volume, improve the microcirculation of the kidney and repair the damaged kidney tissue. Then, the fluids in the cyst can be eliminated by the kidney and shrink the cyst. This therapy is easy to learn and patients can do it at home by themselves. But, when do it at home on your own, do care of the temperature, or your skin will get damaged. And never oral taken the medical soup in the compress therapy, it will hurt your digestive tract.

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