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Which Treatment Can Improve Kidney Cyst 3.6*4.5cm Without Side-effect

2017-02-18 08:47

Which Treatment Can Improve Kidney Cyst 3.6*4.5cm Without Side-effectWhen people get old or suffer from kidney structure disorder, kidney cyst will occur. It can be unilateral or bilateral, single or multiple. With its development, complications will occur. Patients with kidney cyst may wonder which treatment can improve kidney cyst 3.6*4.5cm without side-effect?

What is kidney cyst?

Kidney cyst is a structural disorder that related to age and gender. It almost occur in male with diameter around 2cm, but some time can be 10cm. This disease is related to age, when patients younger than 20 suffer from kidney cyst, polycystic kidney disease should be concerned; 30-40 ages, is 10%, and when it comes to 80, the possibility increase into 50%. Kidney cyst has no symptoms when it is small, and this make it hardly to be realized by patients themselves. But some imageological examination and B-model ultrasound can find it.

What would happen if patients have kidney cyst?

Most small cyst will cause no symptoms and damage to kidney, and it is benign. But when it enlarged, you should find a treatment to shrink or remove it. Because big cyst will block the blood vessels, reduce the kidney function, or damage kidney tissue and increase serum creatinine level and form a vicious circulation, or even cause acute kidney failure.

How to improve kidney function and shrink kidney cyst without side-effect?

When it is too big, such as 10 cm in diameter, we suggest you western surgery which can help you remove it effectively. But if it is not so severe, natural treatment is worth a try. Toxin-Removing Therapy is a effective treatment in kidney disease. it can help patients dilate blocked blood vessels, improve kidney function and discharge the fluids in cyst though sweats and urine. it may take effect slowly, but it can treat the kidney cyst from the root and without no side-effect and relapse.

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