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Kidney Cyst Symptoms

Generally speaking, there are no obvious cyst on kidney symptoms, but when the diameter of cysts achieves 3cm, symptoms of kidney cyst may appear. > Kidney Cyst > Kidney Cyst Symptoms >

Bosniak Category 2 Renal Cortical Cyst

Renal cortical cyst is a common type of kidney cyst. What does it mean for people to have Bosniak category 2 renal cortical cyst? Classification The Bosniak classification system of renal cystic masses divides renal cystic masses into five...Read More

61-Year Old Man With Kidney Cyst and Enlarged Prostate

Many patients complain they have kidney cyst as well as enlarged prostate. Are there any relationships between the two condition? Get facts on the two problems and you will know the answer. Any other questions, please email to us pkdclinic8...Read More

3.9cm Parapelvic Cyst, Flank Pain and Lots of Nausea

Parapelvic cyst refers to a kidney cyst rising from renal pelvic or renal sinus. It is not rare but a 3.9cm parapelvic cyst so large that it can cause flank pain and lots of nausea. You need to know the reasons so you can take proper treatm...Read More

Is High Body Temperature a Side Effect of Kidney Cyst

Kidney cyst is usually a round pouch that can be filled with air, fluid or solid substances. When the cyst grows very large or gets infected, it will cause some problems. Is high body temperature a side effect of kidney cyst? Cause of high...Read More

Kidney Cyst Causes Bladder Pain and Back Pain

It is a fact that kidney cyst can cause pain in the lower back, flank, abdomen. Sometime, the painful feeling will radiate from the waist or side abdominal position to the bladder area. I will explain to you the reasons of bladder pain and...Read More

Large Cysts on Kidney Which Is Painful

Kidney cyst is a fluid-sac that can be caused by genetic disorder, infection, trauma of surgery, and dietary poison, growing older, etc. It can cause many symptoms and painful kidneys is also involved. Any questions, please email to pkdclin...Read More

Is Renal Cyst 21mm Dangerous

Is 21mm renal cyst dangerous? The severity of kidney cyst is determined by the numbers, location and sizes. However, the prognosis may also be affected by personal physical health, duration of illness condition, and medicine history. Now, f...Read More

Urgent but Less Urine in Multiple Times with 22mm Kidney Cyst

22mm kidney cyst is a relatively large cyst that can cause kidney impairment. At the same time, someone says that they have urgent but less urine in multiple times. Is this problem related to kidney cyst? The truth is, kidney cyst indeed ca...Read More

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