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Can Kidney Cyst Be alleviated effectively

2016-05-02 12:24

Can Kidney Cyst Be CuredCan patients with kidney cyst be alleviated effectively? Fluid-filled cyst developing in kidneys is a common kidney disorder. If it has affected patients’ life quality, they must want to find some effective treatments to treatment this kidney disorder. Is this possible?

To give out the answer, we need know the characteristics of your kidney cyst.

According to the location, kidney cyst is divided into two common types: renal cortical cyst and parapelvic cyst, while kidney cyst is divided into simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst, based on the sac fillings. Therefore, to determine whether your kidney cyst can be alleviated effectively, you have to tell us more about the characteristics of your kidney cysts. Anything unclear, you can contact our kidney experts online or leave your question to

If patients have complex kidney cyst or parapelvic cyst, it may be unable to treatment.

Compared with simple kidney cyst, complex kidney cyst has a high risk of becoming cancerous, while parapelvic cysts usually generates from renal sinus. From this point, aspiration and decortication can’t remove them directly. In this condition, what we can do is to keep them at small size and prevent their rupture.

Traditional Chinese medicine, focusing on regulating inner body system, draining sac fluid and inhibiting the secretion of sac fluid. Therefore, correct Chinese medicines indeed can make patients live with small complex kidney cyst and parapelvic cyst safely.

If patients have simple kidney cyst and cortical kidney cyst, it may be alleviated effectively.

For large simple kidney cyst, aspiration or decortication is able to remove it completely. Therefore, if your kidney cyst is enough big and located in renal cortex, you can get complete recovery from surgery. However, if it is still small, you have to take conservative treatment since surgery fails to work.

Now, we can know whether kidney cyst is alleviated effectively is determined by the structure of kidney cyst. You can try to choose a better treatment plan, according to the characteristics of your kidney cyst.

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