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What Vitamins Can Be Taken for the treatment of Cysts on the Kidneys

2016-05-02 12:32

Kidney Cysts can be controlled, treated or shrunk by different ways, such as Diet regulation, surgery, drugs, herbs and some supplements. Well then, are vitamins are good for curing cysts on the kidneys?if so, what kind of vitamins can be helpful?

What Vitamins Can Be Taken for the Cure of Cysts on the KidneysActually, vitamins play an important role in our body health. It has proved that apart from herbs and dietary changes, some vitamins can also contribute to treating kidney cysts.

Vitamin B3

Vitamins B3, also called nicotinamide, is proven to be safe and effective for treating PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), through inhibiting the activity of SIRT 1, because the decline of the protein can slow down the formation and growth of kidney cysts.

Vitamin E

It is known as the most popular antioxidant, which can defeat free radical and inhibit the gathering blood platelets, so as to keep blood circulation flow fluently. If so, enough oxygen and nutrition can be supplied to kidneys and improve the self-repairing ability of kidneys.

The two kinds of vitamins indeed have some benefits to shrink kidney cysts to some extent. Nevertheless, the benefits are limited and if patients take vitamins with large dosage or long time, they may experience some side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, mild fever, itching skin, high blood pressure and so on. To get an individualized dosage, you can contact with our Online Doctor directly based on your illness conditions or email to us at!

Simply depending on dietary regulation, it is not enough to shrink cysts completely. Therefore, it is of great importance to receive medical treatments. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most effective treatment. these herbal medicines are super-shattered and put into osmotic devices. With two devices in patient’s lower back, active ingredients of these medicines can permeate into kidneys for shrinking kidney cyst. For solitary kidney cyst, Chinese treatment can produce the following benefits:

- Drain this solitary kidney cyst

- Protect kidney functioning tissues

- Ease patients’ symptoms such as back pain and blood urine

- Prevent the recurrence of kidney cyst

- Improve patients’ immunity to fight against infections and cold

To get the therapy, you need to come to our hospital (Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital) that is located in China. Any questions, you also can add my Whatsapp +8615226572289!

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