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How to Release Back Pain Caused by Kidney Cyst

2017-01-21 09:06

How to Release Back Pain Caused by Kidney CystEnlarged kidney cyst sometimes can cause back pain. It can disturb our daily life, work and so on. Patients want to release the back pain and shrink the kidney cyst. But how? Is there a treatment that can shrink the kidney cyst and release back pain without side-effect?

The natural treatment comes from Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital can release the back pain and shrink the kidney cyst. The Hot Compress Therapy can help patients release the back pain and shrink the kidney cyst.

What is the hot compress therapy?

Hot compress therapy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment which can help patients dilate the blood vessel and release the back pain, shrink the kidney cyst. It is an external treatment that uses the hot medical bag to press on the specific acupoints to achieve the goal of making the natural medicines be absorbed by blood vessel, and transport them into the kidney. Which can repair the damaged kidney tissue, dilate the blocked blood vessel and improve kidney function to shrink the cyst.

How hot compress therapy treat back pain and shrink kidney cyst?


2 to 3 times per day, hot compress with Chinese medicines on bilateral Shenshu acupoints (BL23), the short course is 7 days, the long course is 49 days.

Hot compress therapy can help patients dilate the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation, make the medicine reach the damaged kidney tissue directly to repair it, increase urine volume and reduce urine at night, relieve the skin itching and pain, stable high blood pressure, improved symptoms in digestive tract and stimulate the appetite and improve anemia etc.

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