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Medication for Kidney Cyst

2018-09-11 08:36

Question: Hello, my father has multiple small simple cortical cysts in left kidney, and a small simple cortical cyst in right kidney. Right now he is not taking any medication of this and doctor is also not suggest any thing because cysts are small. Please suggest medicine to cure this.

Medication for Kidney CystAnswer: When the cysts are small, they do not cause any symptoms and also can not affect kidney. Due to this, generally, doctors do not give any treatment suggestions. However, as small cysts keep growing in size, they will cause a myriad of symptoms like back pain, high blood pressure etc. Meanwhile, renal function will also decline as the cysts replace more and more nephrons. By then, in western medicines, surgery will be the option for patients with big renal cysts. However, once the big cyst is removed by surgery, the small cysts will become big soon. So there will be a vicious circle.

At present, since the renal cysts are small, if they can be prevented from growing in size, your father will certainly be able to avoid the bad outcome in the future.

To treat small renal cysts, there are more treatment options in Chinese medicines than western medicines. In renal cysts, the inner wall of the cysts is filled with numerous lining cells. In right condition, the lining cells keep active and can secrete cystic fluid persistently. With time, those lining cells will secrete more and more fluid. As a result, those cysts will increase in size progressively.

Therefore, to treat renal cysts effectively, we use Chinese treatments to control them.

Firstly, Chinese medicines can kill the lining cells to make them lose secretory capacity.

Meanwhile, the effective Chinese medicines can increase the permeability of capillaries on cyst wall and reduce the pressure in cysts. Hence, the cystic fluid will be reabsorbed into blood circulation.

Finally, the cystic fluid will be filtered out of body in urine. As a result, the cysts will become smaller and will not increase in size again.

If you can not find out a suitable remedy for kidney cysts, welcome to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. For more information on our hospital and our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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