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Kidney Cyst Treatment

When cyst is larger than 3cm, you are suggested to take treatment immediately. Find kidney cyst treatment that can help shrink the cysts naturally. > Kidney Cyst > Kidney Cyst Treatment >

The New Therapy for Treating Kidney Cyst in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital

Kidney Cyst is a common illness in the renal disease. Many patients are blind to adopt various treatments but cant receive a satisfying effect. Actually, the new therapy for treating kidney cyst in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has e...Read More

How does Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital Treat 2.9 cm Renal Cyst

In modern society, the renal cyst has becoming more and more serious among the people. Hence, patients with kidney cyst are concerned about the treatment for shrinking cyst. How does Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital treat 2.9 cm cyst? L...Read More

Dangers of Surgery to Remove A Kidney Cyst

When kidney cyst is very big and causes severe complications such as back pain and high blood pressure, it is necessary to remove it. Surgery is a commonly used treatment. Does it have any dangers? Go on reading to learn more information. -...Read More

Is There Anything I Can Do to Stop Kidney Cyst Growing

Question: I have all the blood tests very good, but I have a big cyst of 5cm in the right kidney, and no cause of it... I try to see if I can do anything to stop it growing as it is growing. Answer: Renal cysts are the most common structura...Read More

Will Removing A Cyst Improve Kidney Function

Kidney cysts can be associated with serious disorders that may impair kidney function. Then will removing a cyst improve kidney function? After reading this article, you will find out the answer. If your kidney function is impaired by the r...Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Surgeries for Kidney Cysts

In clinical practice, puncturing and drainage, surgery to remove the cyst and conservative treatment are often used for simple or multiple renal cysts. These routine treatments for renal cysts can alleviate the patients symptoms, but at the...Read More

Home Remedies for Shrinking Renal Cysts

When kidney cysts are small, they are not harmful to the body, but if they keep on growing, they can cause some severe problems, such as high blood pressure, pain or discomfort in the abdominals, etc. Here we would like to introduce some ho...Read More

What Are the Minimally Invasive Options for Patients with Kidney Cyst 5.3cm

Question: I have a 5.3 cm cyst on my right kidney. My doctor is checking to see if it grows. It has grown some over the past few years. What minimally invasive options do I have? Answer: If the cyst is small and does not cause any symptoms...Read More

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