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Kidney Cyst Treatment

When cyst is larger than 3cm, you are suggested to take treatment immediately. Find kidney cyst treatment that can help shrink the cysts naturally. > Kidney Cyst > Kidney Cyst Treatment >

PKD Clinic: A Dietary Treatment for Parapelvic Cyst

Most parapelvic cysts are simple and benign, but they may cause some symptoms when they are big in size like 5cm. For people with parapelvic cysts, a well planned dietary treatment can help not only ease their symptoms but also slow down th...Read More

Chinese Herbs for Bilateral Cortical Cysts

I just find my mother has bilateral cortical cysts and the largest cyst is 5.6cm. Now, these cysts have caused severe kidney pain, but my mother refuses to do surgery. Can Chinese herbs help treat bilateral cortical cysts? If so, what herbs...Read More

How To Cure Kidney Cyst in Children Naturally

How to cure kidney cyst in children naturally? Kidney cyst is a fluid collection in kidney. It may appear in inside or outer part of kidney. With different size and location, kidney cyst affects patients differently. Kidney cyst is more com...Read More

Herbal Medicine for Renal Cortical Cyst

Renal cortical cyst, one common type of simple kidney cyst, can arise in one kidney or both kidneys. If you have large cortical cyst in left kidney or right kidney, today, we would like to suggest you some effective herbal medicines to mana...Read More

Draining 6cm Renal Parapelvic Cyst By Needle

Once a kidney cyst patient consulted us online. I have a 6cm parapelvic cyst in my left kidney. The doctor has ordered a small surgery to drain the cyst fluid with needle. I have no obvious symptoms except dull back pain. Should I have the...Read More

How to Drain 5cm Parapelvic Cyst Naturally

Small parapelvic cyst, if left uncontrolled, may progress to 5cm or larger. In most cases, 5cm parapelvic cyst is enough big to compress surrounding tissues and cause some symptoms such as back pain, kidney pain and blood urine. At this tim...Read More

Chinese Herbs for Parapelvic Cyst

What Chinese herbs can help treat parepelvic cyst? Recently, quite a number of people with parapelvic cyst have consulted a similar question. This is because surgery at present is the only available treatment for large parapelvic cyst, but...Read More

Natural Herbs to Remove Kidney Cyst in Large Size

What natural herbs can help remove kidney cyst? Faced with no effective western medicines to drain kidney cyst, especially in large size, more and more people with kidney cyst turn their focus on herbal medicines. Kidney cyst larger than 3c...Read More

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