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Kidney Cyst Treatment

When cyst is larger than 3cm, you are suggested to take treatment immediately. Find kidney cyst treatment that can help shrink the cysts naturally. > Kidney Cyst > Kidney Cyst Treatment >

A Natural Cure for Parapelvic Cyst

Parapelvic cyst refers to the cyst developing in the renal pelvic area. Generally, this type of kidney cyst occurs in the elderly. Most of these sufferers dont want to bear painful treatments like surgery, so they are eager to find out a na...Read More

Effective Treatment for People with 10cm Kidney Cyst and Fatigue

Generally, simple kidney cysts wont cause any symptom unless some of them are bigger than 3cm or one of them ruptures. 10cm kidney cyst is much larger than 3cm, so it is more likely to impair kidney functioning cells and cause some symptoms...Read More

What Does Yellowish Discharge Mean for Multiple Kidney Cysts

I have a cyst on each kidney: one on the left 3.1cm and one on the right 1.3cm. Now, I just have a bit discomfort with yellowish discharge. I want to know what yellow discharge mean for people with multiple kidney cysts and whether there ar...Read More

Cortical Cysts in Right Kidney: Diet and Treatment

Most of cortical cysts in right kidney are commonly benign non-neoplastic mass,so people with renal cortical cysts must hope to slow down or even stop the growth of these cysts through a scientific diet and natural treatment....Read More

Chinese Medicine to Shrink Kidney Cyst 8.2cm

My CT report shows a big cyst in my left kidney is 8.2cm, but I dont want to remove it through surgery. I hear Chinese Medicines have an obvious effect of shrinking kidney cysts, so I want to know what Chinese medicines I can use. Just like...Read More

Treatment for Numerous Cysts in Kidney

What is the treatment for numerous cysts in kidney? If there is only one kidney cyst and meanwhile the cyst is small, no medical treatment is needed and what we can do is to put it under observation to see if it is enlarging. If yes, surger...Read More

Renal Parenchymal Lesion With Right Kidney Cortical Cyst 42x39mm

Right kidney cortical cyst 42x39mm means that there is one fluid-filled sac in the renal cortex area of the right kidney and the size measures 42x39mm. Such size of kidney cortical cyst will begin to cause a series of symptoms and it will b...Read More

Multiple Bilateral Renal Cysts: Symptoms and Treatment

Multiple bilateral renal cysts refer to numerous fluid-filled sacs developing in both kidneys. This type of kidney cyst has a much higher incidence to develop renal failure than one or two isolated cysts. Therefore, knowing multiple bilater...Read More

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