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The application of Chinese herbs has become a breakthrough in the filed of PKD treatment. Through shrinking cysts and enhancing kidney function, dialysis and kidney transplant are not the only choices any more. > Treatment Options > Medicated bath

Medicated Bath For Kidney Disease

What is Medicated Bath?

Medicated Bath is a featured therapy which is externally applied. Under the guidance of Chinese medicine, the proper Chinese herbal medicines will be chosen and made into the Medicated Bath liquid. Patients accept this treatment through whole body bath or focal bath (such as hip bath, foot bath, face bath and eye bath). Compared with other oral drug treatment, it is a kind of relatively safer therapy for kidney disease with no side effects.

Skin is the biggest organ of human body, besides the protective action, skin also has the functions of absorbing, permeating, secreting and excreting. Medicated Bath makes full use of these physiological functions of skin to treat diseases.

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What types of Medicated Bath are there?

● Promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and expel toxins.

Indications: Chronic Renal Failure, Uremia and other Chronic Kidney Disease.

● Reduce blood glucose and lipid, regulate blood pressure.

Indications: Hyperlipidemia and high blood glucose and Diabetes.

● Expel toxic in the blood.

Indications: Allergic skin, purpura, eczema, lupus and other skin problems

● Treat leakage of protein.

Indications: Severe proteinuria and Nephrotic Syndrome.

● Reduce hematuria and occult blood.

Indications: IgA Nephropathy, severe hematuria.

● Dispelling wind to relieve exterior syndrome

Indications: Joints pain, muscles pain

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What are the functions of Medicated Bath?

● Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis

● Inducing diaphoresis to eliminate pathogenic factors and expel the metabolic product from skin

● Relaxing muscles and tendons, activating collaterals and adjusting the functions of viscera

● Supporting genuine Qi, improving the immunity and allaying tiredness

● Sleep improvement

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What are the notes when doing Medicated Bath?

● The temperature of the medicated water should not be too hot or too cold (around 37~39℃), thus avoiding the damage to skin.

● People who are too hungry, too full or too tried or too drunk are not advised to take Medicated Bath.

● If dizziness happens during the Medicated Bath, then it can be suspended.

● If skin allergy happens, then the Medicated Bath should be stopped immediately.

● Rest in bed for 2 hours after the Medicated Bath.

● The cold foods are forbidden after the Medicated Bath.

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What are the contraindications of Medicated Bath?

● Hyperpiesia

● Hyperthermia with lots of sweat

● Open wound of skin

● Severe heart diseases

● People who are allergic to Chinese herbal medicines

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What is the course of treatment?

● Once a week, three to four times means a period of treatment

● 40 minutes for dipping bath, 2 hours for resting in bed after dipping bath

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What is the clinical applicable scope of Medicated Bath

● Nephritis edema

● Chronic Renal Failure (azotemia)

● Chronic skin diseases

● Muscles and joints pain caused by autoimmune rheumatism

● Diabetes and peripheral neuropathy

● Allaying tiredness and improving sleeping

● Enhancing weight and fat loss

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