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PKD: Top 4 Methods to Prevent Kidney Failure

2014-01-21 10:32

For patients with PKD, it is necessary to take effective steps to prevent the occurrence of renal failure. Well, what should they do?

Top 1 Prevention and treatments for complications

High blood pressure, urinary tract infection and cyst rupture are not only common complications of PKD, but also significant factors that aggravate kidney damage. Therefore, early prevention and treatments seem essential. When taking medicines, nephrotoxic drugs should be avoided.

Top 2 Early detection of illness condition

According to the study, people with this inherited disease usually present symptoms at the age of 25-35. So, for those with a family history of PKD, it is necessary to do some tests regularly. And the commonly used methods are B ultrasound, CT scan, MRI and so on.

Top 3 Daily care

Polycystic kidney disease refers to a progressive disorder and factors including emotional fluctuation, strenuous exercises, unhealthy diet, traumas can all worsen the condition. In daily life, they should keep a positive attitude and establish confidence in overcoming the disease; Take some fresh fruits and vegetables, eat protein foods moderately, stay away from spicy foods, quit smoking and drinking; When there is obvious swelling or hypertension, the intake of salt should be limited; Meanwhile, avoid strenuous exercises to prevent cyst rupture.

Top 4 Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is very helpful for those with this hereditary disorder, for instance, alleviate the symptoms, control the condition, reduce creatinine level, BUN level, etc. At our center, hot compress therapy is strongly recommended.

The herbs are all come from nature, and each herbal formula is prescribed on the specific condition. What’s more, it can help restore kidney function radically. Any interests, please send the test report:pkdclinic888@hotmail.comand we are glad to reply you as early as possible.

Accompanied with effective measures, the progression of PKD to renal failure can be prevented eventually. Anything unclear, you are welcomed to leave us message below.

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