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Flax Seed Oil For PKD

2013-03-31 16:34

PKD flax seed oilIt has been proved that the supplement of flax seed oil can help treat renal inflammation, lower high blood pressure, high blood lipid, high blood sugar so as to much slow down the illness progression of polycystic kidney disease. Many PKD patients have benefited a lot from eating flax seed oil.

High blood pressure is one early symptom of PKD and about 50% patients will begin to suffer from elevated blood pressure even when their kidney functions are still normal. And almost all end stage PKD will have high blood pressure.

Early and effective treatment for high blood pressure can significantly relieve the symptoms of PKD and slow down illness progression. Long term intake of high blood pressure drugs can cause many side effects and potential renal damages. It is a good choice to add flax seed oil into the patient’s daily diets because it can help dilate blood vessels and increase the vascular elasticity so as to lower high blood pressure naturally. Flax seed oil cause no harms to the health, instead it is of highly nutritions and have many medical values.

Flax seed oil can help prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases

PKD can cause lipid metabolic disorder and lead to cardiovascular complications. Flax seed oil can help soften the blood vessels, decrease blood viscosity, regulate lipid metabolism so as to lower the risk of PKD complications. What is more, flax seed oil can help protect the functions of internal organs and systems.

Flax seed oil can relive fluid retention and improve kidney functions

Flax seed oil has good improvements of PKD symptoms such as swelling in the ankle, feet, legs due to fluid and sodium retention. Flaxseed oil can help improve the renal filtration of excess sodium and water. It has also been found that long term use of flaxseed oil can help improve kidney functions and lower the risk of cancers.

Flaxseed oil can also prevent and treat renal inflammations which often cause continuous deterioration of kidney functions in PKD patients, therefore its anti-inflammatory property is very beneficial.

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