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Can PKD Patient Have Healthy Baby

2013-04-02 11:48

PKD pregnancyThere are mainly 2 types PKD---ADPKD(autosomal dominant PKD) and ARPKD(autosomal recessive PKD) according to different hereditary modes. Since PKD is congenital and hereditary, usually parents will inherit the abnormal gene to the next generation and it is very common that more than one members in a family are diagnosed with PKD.

Many PKD consult us whether they can be pregnant and can they give birth to a healthy baby or not. Since ARPKD is rare in clinic and 50% patients will die within days or even hours after birth, therefore here we mainly talk about ADPKD.

According to the hereditary mode of ADPKD, the child will inherit the disease with only one abnormal gene. That is to say, the child has 50% chance to inherit the disease if one parent has the disease. And that is to say there is 50% that the patient can give birth to a healthy baby that is free of the disease. Prenatal genetic diagnosis can help the parents to know if the unborn child will inherit the disease or not in advance.

The gravida’s health condition is another concern of pregnancy because pregnancy will definitely have some impact on the gravida’s illness conditions. It is better that pregnancy is not considered until the patient’s illness conditions are stable. If the patient has normal kidney functions and high blood pressure is well controlled, pregnancy is okay. But it is very necessary to have more frequent checks to have close monitoring of the illness progression and kidney functions. It is important to bring the gravida’s blood pressure and other symptoms and complications well under control during the pregnancy or it might cause damages to both the gravida and fetus.

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