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Will Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Cause Liver Damage

2014-09-02 03:33

Will Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Cause Liver DamagePolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder, and it is characterized by a numerous cysts on the kidneys. If you think this disease only involves kidneys, you are totally wrong. Polycystic Kidney Disease will also attack other systems and organs, including your liver.

How does Polycystic Kidney Disease cause liver damage?

One of the complications of Polycystic Kidney Disease is Polycystic Liver Disease (PLD). In PKD, liver cysts seem to develop later than renal cysts. Although liver cysts are very rare for people younger than 20 yr, their prevalence increases from 20% in the third to 70% in the seventh decade of life.

What are the symptoms of Polycystic Liver Disease?

Most of the time, people with Polycystic Liver Disease have no symptoms. However, if the liver becomes enlarged and riddled with cysts, symptoms may include:

- Abdominal pain

- Bloating or swelling in the abdomen

- Feeling full

Other complications may include:

- Bleeding into a cyst

- Infection of a cyst

- Bile duct obstruction and jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes)

How to diagnose Polycystic Liver Disease?

Doctors can diagnose Polycystic Liver Disease with imaging studies, such as ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

Besides, as this disease is inherited in most cases, other family members should be tested for it, if you or someone in your immediate family has PLD.

What are the treatments for Polycystic Liver Disease?

If the cysts are small and cause no symptoms, no treatment is needed. Yet, when it enlarged and becomes symptomatic, you may have to take measures such as:

1. Aspiration of Cyst Fluid

The doctor will drain the liver cysts and inject with alcohol or minocycline to sclerose the cyst. This is to minimize recurrence as a result of fluid secretion by the cyst wall.

2. Stenting

3. Cyst Fenestration

4. Liver Resection

5. Liver Transplantation

You can see that all the above treatments are surgeries. In fact, they are risky and make recurrence of live cysts easily. Is there a natural and effective treatment for Polycystic Liver Disease? Fortunately, the answer is yes. You can get free help from our experts online. You are also welcomed to leave a message below or email to

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