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What Is the Treatment for Enlarged Kidney Caused by PKD

2013-04-10 14:49

Treatment for Enlarged Kidney Caused by PKDPeople with PKD, especially the one who has suffered from this disease for many years, are more likely to find their kidney is bigger than the normal level. Generally, the larger their kidney are, the severer their condition. This is why they are eager to find out an effective treatment for enlarged kidney caused by PKD.

The cause of enlarged kidney due to PKD

Normally, the kidney is approximately 11-14cm in length, 6cm wide and 4cm thick. These values may change with age, gender and weight. In Polycystic Kidney Disease, quite a number of fluid-filled cysts grow in the kidney. As these cysts grow, patients’ kidney will become bigger and bigger. When their kidney grow to some certain size, several symptoms such as high blood pressure and back pain occur easily to warn people of some severe healthy problems.

The treatment for enlarged kidney caused by PKD

According to its cause, we can know big kidney cysts determine PKD patients’ kidney is larger than general population’s. To make their kidney recover to normal, the best treatment is to shrink all of kidney cysts without any side effect. Depending on the characteristics of renal cysts, the following methods may be helpful.

Avoid those foods that can prompt the growth of cysts. Some researches reveal that coffee, chocolate and alcohol is able to stimulate the activity of protein in cysts so as to these cysts growing more quickly. Many other foods also have this effect. You can ask the kidney experts online for more information about these foods.

Drinking correct amount of water. If you still pass reasonable amount of urine, 4000ml of water one daily is recommended for you so that you can guarantee your urine volume in 1500ml. As a result, more toxins and wastes can be discharged from the body.

Choose right medicines that have an obvious and effective benefit of shrinking all polycystic cysts. Plantago asiatica, Lalang Grass Rhizome, and many other herbal medicines are able to shrink those kidney cysts. However, not all herbal medicines are suitable for you, so you must use these medicines according to the doctor’s requirement.

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