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Is My System Weaker for Fighting off Other Sickness with PKD

2015-01-20 14:49

Is My System Weaker for Fighting off Other Sickness with PKDPolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder, causing groups of cysts on kidneys. The the enlargement of renal cysts can affect other organs or systems. That’s why your system becomes weaker for fighting off other sickness with PKD.

Relationship between kidney disease and immune disorders

More than ninety-five percent kidney diseases are caused by immune disorders. In turn, kidney disease can attack your immune system. Generally speaking, there are two factors causing immune disorders in Polycystic Kidney Disease:

● Protein leakage in urine

When kidneys are damaged, large amount of protein cannot be reabsorbed effectively, thus leaking out of body with urine. However, protein contain many immune substances such as enzyme and antibody. As a result, shortage of protein makes decreased immunity.

● Other causes of patients’ immunity decline

Damaged kidneys fail to remove wastes and toxins effectively. These harmful substances can be carried to many other organs and cause inflammations, damaging the immune system.

Symptoms of weakened immune system

Polycystic Kidney Disease patients have a high risk of developing infections ( pneumonia, urinary tract infection, etc) and their lack to respond appropriately to vaccinations ( hepatitis...), or even autoimmune disease ( including allergies) and tumor growth.

Ways to boost immunity in Polycystic Kidney Disease

● Get enough sleep and rest, especially when PKD patients have swelling, proteinuria or hematuria, etc.

● Cut down worry and learn to de-stress. It has been proved many times that stress and depression affect the physical health.

● Eat a balanced diet. You may be required to eat less sodium, protein, potassium, and phosphorous. You can email to, enclosing you test report, so that our doctors online can give you specific suggestions.

● Drink plenty of water if you can still urinate normally.

● Eat foods high in antioxidants and vitamins.

Surely, the most important thing is to improve the kidney function. For that purpose, we are glad to provide you free consultation service.

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