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What's the Treatment Symptoms of Kidney Stone

2016-05-02 12:26

What’s the Clinical Symptoms of Kidney StonePatients with kidney stone have no obvious symptoms at the early stage. In general, patients will appear some symptoms when the illness become worse. What’s the treatment symptoms of kidney stone? This following content can help you to find out the answer.

The common symptoms of kidney stone.

With the development of illness condition, patients may suffer from some symptoms such as the waist dull pain, renal colic, infections, renal insufficience and urodialysis.

The waist dull pain

Most of this phenomenon is the larger renal pelvis calculi. Patients may suffer from blood in urine after strenuous exercise.

Renal colic

It is common in the patients with small kidney stone accompanied by blood urine. When the illness occurs, the patients will have some symptoms such as pale complexion, cold sweat of the whole body, accelerating pulse, blood pressure decline accompanied with vomiting, sickness, abdominal distension and so on.


When the kidney stone patients are infected, they may endure the fever, back pain, frequent urine, urgent urine and odynuria.

Renal insufficiency

The kidney stone can induce the renal insufficiency and even cause uremia.

After reading the above content, you may have a general understanding of the treatment symptoms of kidney stone. If you have other questions, welcome to send e-mail to

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