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How to Lower High Creatinine Level in PKD Naturally

2013-03-06 17:23

Lower High Creatinine Level in PKD High creatinine level is a severe alarm for nearly all patients with kidney disease including Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), because serum creatinine usually won’t rise beyond the normal level unless 50% of kidney function has lost. Once high creatinine level occurs in their blood test, how to lower high creatinine level in PKD naturally must be their biggest concern. Here, we will give some natural remedies.

Develop a healthy lifestyle

Serum creatinine has two sources: meat metabolism in the body and the metabolic products of muscle. Thereby, once patients’ creatinine level is elevated, controlling meat intake and avoiding strenuous exercise are very necessary. Researches have revealed that red meat such as beef and mutton is harmful to the kidneys, while a vegetarian diet can help lower high creatinine level in PKD.

Consume more fruits that are able to lower elevated creatinine

According to the research of Turkey, vitamin C has an eminent effect in lowing high creatinine level, so supplying moderate Vitamin C is good for patients with PKD. Here, we suggest three fruits: cranberry, pomegranate and kiwi fruit. Of course, some other fruits also contain rich vitamin C. Make sure you have consult doctor before you eat any other fruit.

Keep high blood pressure from increasing

High blood pressure usually occurs earlier than high creatinine level in PKD. If high blood pressure can’t be lowered effectively, it will worse patients’ condition, cause further kidney damage and raise serum creatinine level. For hypotensive drugs, ACEI and ARB are preferable to lower high blood pressure in PKD.

Drink some herbal tea

Some of herbal tea, compared with ordinary tea, does have a benefit in reduce elevated serum creatinine level, through improving kidney function, increasing the rate that creatinine is filtered and discharged from the body. Nettle leaf tea and dandelion root tea both can achieve this effect.

How to lower high creatinine level in PKD naturally? The above have given us an explanation in detail. However, the last thing we need to note is that the above natural remedies can only lower high creatinine level without increasing the burden on kidney but not do anything to repair the damaged kidney function. Therefore, a effective treatment helps slow down the progression of PKD should be sought.

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