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Is Blood Urine Nitrogen 148 Able to Be reduced with Natural Treatment

2018-05-31 07:08

Is Blood Urine Nitrogen 148 Able to Be reduced with Natural TreatmentBlood urine nitrogen is also a sign of kidney damage, as well as creatinine level. We have talked about so many times to reduce high creatinine level. Today, we will talk about how to reduce blood urine nitrogen with natural treatment.

Blood Urine Nitrogen, BUN for short, can be tested with the common physical test in the hospital. When patients’ BUN is high, kidney damage should be considered. When the kidney gets hurt, it can not eliminate the extra toxin as effective as before, so urine nitrogen can accelerate in the blood. And with the development of kidney disease, there is more and more nitrogen in the blood. So, to reduce the BUN, repair the damaged kidney is the key point. How to reduce Bun with natural treatment? Which natural treatment can be used to reduce BUN in kidney disease?

The Hot Compress Therapy in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital can use the natural treatment to reduce high Bun in kidney disease.

What is hot compress therapy?

Hot compress therapy, which plays an important role in Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment, has advanced effect in treating kidney disease. With the function of helping patients eliminate toxins out of the body, dilating the blood vessel, it can repair the damaged kidney tissue and improve kidney function. Then the toxins are reduced, blood is cleaned and patients’ condition will get improved.

The advantage of hot compress therapy:

The most advantage of hot compress therapy is that there is no side-effect. It is easy to learn, patients can do it themselves at home.

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