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Why PKD Progresses Quickly Once You Find It? You Can Use These Two Ways for Treatment

2018-04-19 08:55

Most kidney diseases are not inherited, for example, Kidney Failure, Diabetic Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis or even Uremia. But PKD is inherited. For most PKD patients, they can live a normal life in the first half of life until middle age. Afterwards, their life is not that happy.

Because of abnormal genes, cyst lining epithelial cells proliferate and secrete madly, and then renal cysts grow bigger and bigger.

There are two major troubles for PKD patients. One is uncontrolled blood pressure, and the other one is quick increase of creatinine level.

Why PKD Progresses Quickly Once You Find It? You Can Use These Two Ways for Treatment
-Uncontrolled blood pressure

Though kidney cysts enlarge, you may not have any discomforts. With the growth of renal cysts, they gradually oppress the normal renal tissues, leading to renal ischemia and anoxia as well as hypoperfusion. Therefore, PKD associated hypertension is different from other types of high blood pressure. If renal cysts do not shrink, the antihypertensive medicine is not effective.

Why PKD Progresses Quickly Once You Find It? You Can Use These Two Ways for Treatment
-Quick increase of creatinine level

If high blood pressure can not be controlled timely, it will keep on increasing to worsen kidney damage so as to elevate creatinine level. Deterioration of the condition can also cause blood pressure to rise continuously, which can expand heart and cause heart failure. These two factors affect each other. When renal function gets worse suddenly, its manifestation is elevated creatinine level.

Currently there are two treatment methods for PKD.

Why PKD Progresses Quickly Once You Find It? You Can Use These Two Ways for Treatment

If you go to see western medicine doctors, they may tell you to do regular checkups. When renal cysts are big enough or affect renal function, surgery can be done to remove the big ones. Surgery and anti-inflammatory drug can indeed help shrink cysts, but the small ones will grow up quickly. Therefore, western medicine cannot treat PKD well.

-Chinese medicine

It can not change the genes neither, but it can help control renal cysts. On one hand, Chinese medicine can restrain the secretion activity of the inwall lining cells, which can stop the growth of renal cysts. On the other hand, it can expand blood vessels on cyst wall so that cyst fluid can be drawn out so as to reduce pressure in cyst and shrink renal cysts. These two aspects can help you reduce blood pressure. Without the persistent damage of high blood pressure to kidneys, creatinine level will be stabilized.

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