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2 Treatment Methods for PKD

2018-07-13 09:01

2 Treatment Methods for PKDMost kidney diseases are not inherited, such as Kidney Failure, Diabetic Nephropathy, lupus and even uremia. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to worry about next generation.

But polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is inherited. For most PKD patients, they can spend their first half of their life happily. Not until when they go into middle age can they detect the disease.

All cells in the human body proliferate to a certain point and then stop, so most people are only that size, and they will never grow into as big as dinosaurs. However, polycystic kidney patients are different. Because of a lack of the control of genes, their renal lining epithelial cells proliferate madly so that cysts become bigger and bigger.

The most troublesome problems for PKD patients are two: one is uncontrolled blood pressure, and the other one is quick elevated creatinine level.

-Uncontrolled blood pressure

Kidney cysts keep growing, but body size does not change. When cysts are very big, they oppress kidney tissues, leading to renal ischemia, anoxia and hypoperfusion. Therefore, hypertension caused by PKD is different from others. If you do not shrink kidney cysts, anti-hypertensive medicines are not that useful.

-Quick elevated creatinine

If high blood pressure can not be controlled timely, it will increase constantly so as to worsen kidney damage and raise serum creatinine level further. When illness condition gets worse, blood pressure will increase, leading to heart enlargement, heart failure, etc. This is a vicious circle.

2 treatment methods for PKD


If you go to see western medicine doctors, they may tell you go back and do checkups once for every half year. When cysts are big enough or begin to affect renal function, surgeries can be done to remove them.

Surgeries and anti-inflammation medication can indeed shrink kidney cysts quickly, but the residual small cysts will grow up quickly. Therefore, surgeries can not treat PKD well.

-Chinese medicine

In fact, Chinese medicine can not change genes, but it can control renal cysts. On one hand, it can inhibit the secretion activity of inner lining cells so as to prevent cysts from growing further. On the other hand, it can expand blood vessels on cyst wall so that fluid can be drawn out and decrease inner pressure so as to shrink renal cysts. These two aspects can work together to lower blood pressure. When there is no constant high blood pressure to impair kidneys, creatinine level will be lowered steadily.

Now you know the 2 treatment methods for PKD. Which one do you prefer? For more information on PKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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