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Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) Treatment

Common PKD treatment-western medicines are not enough. A real Polycystic Kidney Disease treatment means shrink the cysts and help avoid Chronic Renal Failure. > PKD > PKD Treatment >

Shrink Kidney Cysts in PKD with Natural Remedy

Kidney cysts in Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) will lead to several complications, such as back pain, blood in urine, kidney stone and some other diseases. What should we do to shrink kidney cysts in PKD? Polycystic kidney disease, a genet...Read More

Can High Creatinine Level 6.8 in PKD Get Reduced with Natural Treatment

PKD, Polycystic Kidney Disease, is a genetic disorder that leads numerous kidney cysts grown in kidneys and lead to kidney damage. Recently, a patient asked us that when it steps into kidney failure stage, with high creatinine level 6.8, wh...Read More

Hyperkalemia and PKD: Is Any Treatment Effective Than Dialysis

Hyperkalemia means high potassium in blood. It is a severe condition in chronic kidney disease, especially in advanced kidney disease. When in PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), hyperkalemia will lead to an earlier dialysis to keep patients l...Read More

How to Treat Polycystic Kidney Disease with Natural Treatment

PKD is a disorder that affects the kidneys and other organs such as liver. Multiple cysts with fluid and air will form in kidneys and develop and interfere with their ability to filter waste products from the blood. The growth of cysts caus...Read More

Can PKD Get Improved with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease)is a genetic disorder that lead numerous cysts with air and fluid grow in kidneys and lead to chronic lost of kidney function. Can we use Micro-Chinese Medicine improve kidney condition and release PKD? PKD is...Read More

Avoid side effect of Steroid medicine which has a superior effect in controlling albumin

I just wonder that all my readers are not renal disease patients? why they hardly leave message about how to use steroid medicine? Today, we will talk about how to use and when can reduce the dosage of steroid medicine. We can say that ster...Read More

PKD and High Creatinine Level 7.63: Can Toxin-Removing Therapy Reduce It

PKD is a genetic disorder that has risks to lead to kidney failure. If your PKD lose control, your serum creatinine level will increase. What should we do if the creatinine level is 7.63? Is there a treatment can reduce? Can Toxin-Removing...Read More

How to Shrink Kidney Cysts 3cm in PKD with Natural Treatment

How to shrink kidney cysts 3cm is a necessary for patients in PKD. If we can control in this stage, it will avoid kidney failure, uremia. Can natural treatment help control this disease? PKD, a family disease that can inherent through gene,...Read More

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