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The application of Chinese herbs has become a breakthrough in the filed of PKD treatment. Through shrinking cysts and enhancing kidney function, dialysis and kidney transplant are not the only choices any more. > Treatment Options > Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a traditional Chinese art and today is practiced as a graceful form of exercise.

It is a perfect combination of dialectical thinking, martial arts, human arts and guide academics. At present, Tai Chi Chuan is loved not only by many Chinese but also many foreigners.

What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Chuan is one of Chinese martial arts based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. It involves a series of movements performed slowly and accompanied by deep breathing. According to the legend, Tai Chi Chuan also called Tai Chi is created by Zhang Sanfeng, a successful martial artist and an expect in external martial arts. Now, Tai Chi Chuan involves many branches such as Chen-Tai Chi Chuan, Yang-Tai Chi Chuan, Wu-Tai Chi Chuan,etc.

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What are the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Chuan is a good choice, if you are looking for a way to reduce stress or have a good relax. Originally created for self-defense, Tai Chi Chuan has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that has many benefits:

● Help regulate the immune systems

● Produce better relaxation and calm

● Relief of back pain

● Improve concentration and increase awareness

● Self massages the internal organs

● Strengthen muscles and reduce muscular stiffness

● Oxygenates every cell and muscle in your body

● Help to treat high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, headache, diabetes and heart disease

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Who can do Tai Chi Chuan?

Because of its slow impact and minimal stress on muscles and joints, people at any age can do it. In fact, it is more suitable for older adults who don't like intense exercise. Although Tai Chi Chuan is generally safe, women who are pregnant or people with joint problems, severe osteoporosis or a hernia had better consult a doctor before doing Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan in motion

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A Tai Chi Chuan class usually includes:

● Warm up: Some easy motions can help you warm up before doing Tai Chi Chuan. Shoulder circles, turning your head from one side to another side or rocking back all can help loosen your muscles and joints to prepare for the following motions.

● Practice of Tai Chi Chuan forms: the forms of Tai Chi Chuan is usually divided into two types: short forms and long forms. The former may include a dozen or fewer movements, while the later may include hundreds. Short forms are recommended at the beginning.

● Qigong: it requires you have a few minutes of gentle breathing sometimes with movement. This is to help relax your mind and mobilize your body's energy. Qigong can be practiced standing, sitting, or lying down, according to your prefer.

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Tai Chi Chuan for Kidney Disease

Combined with the standard treatment, Tai Chi Chuan is helpful for kidney disease through remitting your conditions

● High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is one of most common complications in kidney disease. Tai Chi Chuan is able to lower blood pressure with reducing from 3 to 32 mm Hg in systolic pressure and from 2 to 18 mm Hg in diastolic pressure.

● Sleep problems: many people with kidney disease usually lack of a good sleep due to their sadness. After practicing a period of Tai Chi Chuan, your quality and duration of sleep will be improved significantly.

● Back pain: some kinds of kidney diseases can make people suffer from back pain. Tai Chi Chuan can help remit their back pain.

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